Answering The Call – Paratrooper Print


“Paratroopers Answering the Call” (the 82nd Airborne Division print)

W: 34.5″
H: 21.5″

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The 82nd Airborne Division known as "America's Guard of Honor" is one of the most powerful forces in our nation's military arsenal. From brutal trench warfare in France during World War 1 to the fierce mountain fighting in Afghanistan today, no other military unit has responded to America's call-to-arms more rapidly and effectively world-wide than the 82nd Airborne.

As the largest parachute force in the free world, the 82nd Airborne Division is trained and ready to deploy anywhere, at anytime, to fight upon arrival, and to decisively defeat the enemy! We salute these brave men and women who proudly state their motto: "Airborne - All The Way!"

This print depicts the evolution of the 82nd Airborne soldier from Vietnam to Afghanistan. This print is accurate in its depiction of the uniforms, equipment, and weapons the soldiers used during each of the conflicts. The distinctive "All American" patch can be seen on the shoulder of each 82nd Airborne soldier in the print. This is a signed and numbered lithograph print. The seller guarantees this print is in mint condition and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity