Spartan Military Prints

Veteran Owned & Veteran Commissioned U.S. Military War Art

Spartan Military Prints is owned by Stu Patton, a retired Special Forces soldier. Stu started collecting military art in 1985 and soon acquired a large and distinguished collection. In 1995, he opened an art gallery in Fayetteville, NC selling military art as well as many other types of limited edition art, including wildlife and florals. 

Drawing on his background in Special Operations and his love for military art, Stu commissioned his first military print in 2000. He commissioned James Dietz to do the painting which featured a US Army Special Forces Soldier and was titled “The Silent Warrior.”

In 2012, Stu commissioned his second military print with artist Stuart Brown. This print featured the 82nd Airborne Division and depicted the evolution of the Division from WWII to present day. The print was titled “Paratroopers Answering The Call.”

In 2013, he commissioned his third military print, again with artist Stuart Brown. The print featured the Ranger Regiment conducting a night combat raid in the mountains of Afghanistan. The print was titled “Into The Breach” and soon became a favorite of all US Special Operations Units.

Stu is presently working with artist Stuart Brown on a print for the US Marine Corps, expected to be released in early 2023.

Stu continues to work in the Special Operations arena which enables him to keep abreast of the latest in tactics, techniques, and procedures within Special Forces. 
He enjoys being able to share his passion for military art with fellow soldiers. His unique ability to combine his experience on the battlefield with what looks great on canvas has resulted in first class military art for all soldiers, and those who support them, to enjoy.